I reimagine Florida’s wild and manufactured green spaces as fantastical, neon topographies through paint, material and process. Autobiographical in nature, my work is shaped by an endless sense of wonder with the natural world while acknowledging the unintended consequences of living in the Anthropocene.

My recent body of work features vibrant wall-mounted sculptural paintings that evoke ambiguous landscape scenes slowly-built into shallow wood boxes. Oscillating between two- and three-dimensions, they feature traditional art materials and lavish quantities of acrylic paint fused with industrial by-products such as coal slag and shredded tire rubber. In these neo landscapes, plants observed/imagined grow inside vistas and- views real/invented. The resulting tableaux are texturally lush, diorama-like mixed-media constructions that are both windows to other worlds and objects rooted in space.

The visual arts cultivate ideas about close observation, inquiry and curiosity while the physicality of paint and craft generates its own artistic aura. By transforming the landscape into colorful, tactile geographies, I seek to create opulent artworks for active viewing.