The Anthropocene is fraught with strange fictions. We are saturated by technology and luminous screens that filter and separate us from the natural world. Pollution contaminates our land, air, water and food. An unidentifiable horror vacui viridi permeates our urbanscapes, and the slow burn of a civilization’s decline is palpable. But no matter the sea’s certain rise—we've more pressing concerns. Can nature maintain its foothold? Yes, and it will be one laced with chemicals and mutations.

Refracting this sentiment through the lens of contemporary landscape painting, I highlight a precarious sliver of hope by mining the past, my experience, and my explorations of the natural world to reimagine Florida’s wild and manufactured green spaces as fantastical, neon topographies where nature does indeed thrive.

My recent body of work features vibrant, wall-mounted sculptural works that evoke ambiguous landscape scenes. Simultaneously painting and sculpture, they feature lavish quantities of paint alloyed with various hand-formed elements and materials layered into shallow wood boxes. 

The materiality of paint seduces, repels, transforms. Echoing our coexistence with the chemical and the virtual, heightened, synthetic pigments thicken into dense acrylic globs or liquefy into fluid rivulets of poured color. Rigid materials manipulated to mimic flora and natural phenomena are layered in, around, and on top of the paint, pulling compositions into dimensional relief. In these neo landscapes, plants observed/imagined grow inside vistas and views real/invented. The resulting tableaux are texturally lush, diorama-like sculptural paintings that are both windows to other worlds and objects rooted in space.

The visual arts cultivate ideas about close observation, inquiry and curiosity while the physicality of paint and craft generates its own artistic aura. By transforming the landscape into colorful, tactile geographies, I seek to create opulent paintings for active viewing.